Your healing journey is unique to You!

Would you like powerful, practical, on-going healing support in the comfort of your own home?

If you've registered for the online Thriving Beyond Trauma membership or the free Embodying Courage in Challenging Times mini-course, or have joined me for other classes or healing sessions, you may want more personalized follow-up care!  

This is deep, vulnerable work, and you deserve to be seen, heard, supported, and empowered in Being all of who you are -- and in Becoming all you're meant to Be.

Zoom video conference calls offer a convenient way to continue to receive the nourishing, clear, practical support you need along your winding path of Alchemy! 

Do you have specific, challenging physical symptoms -- such as menstrual pain or irregularity, hormone imbalance, menopausal complaints, digestive distress, sleep challenges, or mysterious, lingering pain? 

Private sessions will support your deepest, quickest, long-lasting healing!  With a more intimate, compassionate understanding of who you are and all that brought you to this point in your life, I'll be able to offer you effective, empowering wellness coaching, including personalized herbal prescriptions, guided visualizations & exercises, qi gong movement & self-healing practices, and integrative nutrition recommendations tailored to YOU -- all designed to empower you to be in your most radiant health!

Or, maybe you're physically well, but feel stuck emotionally or energetically -- and wish you had the clarity to move forward, aligned with your own inner wisdom?

Are you craving compassionate witnessing & clear support to navigate challenging life transitions with more ease and grace?

Feeling deeply seen, heard, and supported can meet so many needs in itself -- sometimes that's enough to allow us to come to our own inner knowing. (I both enjoy and offer such witnessing daily myself, personally and professionally -- and find it's essential to my thriving!)

And sometimes, we benefit far more from having that compassionate witnessing as well as on-going, empowering guidance -- rooted in thousands of years of Daoist medicine & philosophy, and informed by over a decade of integrative medical & spiritual training. I've experienced the powerful benefits of that combination myself, having worked with beloved mentors long-term -- it's truly life-changing! And now, it's what I'm honored to offer to you.

In our sessions, we'll look at your unique constitution and situation, and implement alchemical life strategies and healing modalities to facilitate profound personal transformation. Your questions and goals guide our time together; our work is about supporting you to step more fully into your own power and deep inner knowing, with tools and practices that will last a lifetime.

Our 1:1 sessions are co-creative, guided by the intention to empower you in cultivating your own vitality! 

Click here for more information about specific types of coaching sessions available.

You will receive a thorough intake questionnaire prior to our first appointment, which will guide our time together; you're not limited to "just herbs" or "just nutrition" or "just coaching" -- we'll find the right blend for your goals!

I offer three different Packages for Private Alchemical Vitality Coaching Sessions, to offer you maximum savings + on-going devotion to your own vital well-being! 

3 SESSIONS: $360 -- SAVE $72! 6 SESSIONS: $648 -- SAVE $216! BEST VALUE! 9 SESSIONS: $900 -- SAVE $396!

Entering into an alchemical healing journey is an important investment of your time, energy, and resources.

By popular demand, I'm now offering private packages, to make it easier to commit to your healing and thriving! This commitment serves as a reflection of your devotion to your on-going transformation and deepest well-being, and provides a powerful container for our sacred work together.

Not sure about 1:1 sessions right now? Want to engage in a deep level of transformation on your own time, with the support of group circle calls? 

Check out my self-paced 12-week foundational course, with a yearlong membership for powerful, mutual, on-going support!

Learn more about my online course "Thriving Beyond Trauma: Foundations of Sacred Feminine Embodiment" here!


Individualized sessions allow us to go much deeper into understanding how your trauma history and ancestral heritage may have contributed to any current patterns or life situations that are keeping you from Thriving Now. Together, we can find and take inspired, aligned action on the best next steps to support you on the path to living your fullest potential.

I am deeply devoted to supporting women in transforming sexual, relational & ancestral trauma.

Change can take time -- healing may happen in a moment, but having support to integrate it and to shift long-held patterns takes practice. Commitment over time builds Trust, and Trust in oneself is a foundation to lasting transformation and self-loving, empowered vitality.

Craving community support? Join our FREE private Facebook group here!

"Jem is the ultimate healer. She combines a profound wisdom of this ancient way of looking at the Whole Being with a deeply intuitive and well-rounded understanding of her clients. Healing has never felt so encouraging, empowering, and co-creative, as it does with Jem and Nourishing Alchemy. Besides all of this, it is wildly evident that Jem lives her alchemy. This makes who she is as a practitioner not only relatable, it evokes tremendous trust in the process."

Becky Boisvert
Private Client since 2017

"When you set people in motion, they can heal themselves."

I offer you my heart’s connection, and my knowledge and skill as a Daoist Healing Practitioner, to nourish your emotional ecology, your communal life, your intimate relationships, and your own body and spirit. I offer my loving support and grounded guidance, as you do your own healing work, embody your own power, and feel what shifts in your life and Being when you do this work for yourself. I offer compassionate witnessing and facilitation for you to step into your sacred embodiment in the way that is right for you -- and, it's not my job to judge what that is. Everybody’s growth edges are different.

"I have pursued the inner worlds, largely including inner healing, for my entire adult life. I have grown, shifted and transformed on many levels, but there remains a deep, internal twist I can’t get at, like an itch I can’t scratch. For the first time, my work with Jem has reached into that chasm, and one of the clearest indications this is happening is the feedback I am receiving from others. Those close to me are saying things like; 'you are so calm, it’s like you’re radiating peace and I can feel it,' and 'you look brighter, it’s in your face, I can’t describe it any better than that.' Several friends have responded when we hug: 'wow, you are so present right now; I felt it in my body when I hugged you,' and 'I felt the warmth of your heart in my body and in my heart when I hugged you -- and I still feel it there and it feels really good.'"

Student & Client since 2018

I most love to work with people who are truly committed to their own growth process

who are engaged with themselves and with the world, willing to be in their integrity and vulnerability, willing to feel what's possible in themselves, and what can transform through our working relationship -- for however long and at whatever depth feels nourishing.

Healing comes through our own relationship with Source Energy. In our sessions, I share with you powerful tools for clearing out blocks to accessing Source Energy, and I encourage you to remember: the power of healing and transformation lies within You. Everyone has their own innate access to Source Energy, but certain experiences (and resulting patterns) can make it feel hard to tap into it -- which is uncomfortable, sometimes even debilitating.

Having felt quite limited in my vitality and self-expression due to early (& ancestral) trauma, I've spent most of my life learning and practicing tools, strategies and techniques for re-connecting to that innate access to Source Energy -- and am happy to say I'm thriving now!

Some Chinese medical techniques use needles or herbs or touch, because what gets stored in the body needs to be released. (I do alchemical bodywork sessions in-person, in Asheville NC.) But many techniques are individual self-cultivation processes for you to do at home, easily shared by video call. And, both types of these tools work best when you consciously, actively engage with them, in order for lasting healing and evolution to happen.

In committing to a series of sessions together, you have the best opportunity to make the changes in your life you want to make, with the loving support you deserve!

At critical points in my life, I know the outcome could have been extremely different, if not for my willingness to dive deep with healing practices, guided by supportive, wise mentors.

In gratitude for my mentors and the thriving life I lead now, it's a great honor to be offering similar support for others, at this pivotal time in our collective evolution.

3 SESSIONS: $360 -- SAVE $72! 6 SESSIONS: $648 -- SAVE $216! BEST VALUE! 9 SESSIONS: $900 -- SAVE $396!

Schedule a free phone consultation

Let's chat! I want us both to feel sure we're a good fit for working together. Book a free phone consultation today, so we can address any questions you have about your unique situation, and get a sense of the best next steps on your path toward radiant vitality!

 Welcome! I'm glad you're here! I'm Jem Minor, and I'm a licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Alchemical Life Strategist, Feminine Power Facilitator (pending final certification), Healing Tao Instructor of Internal Alchemy Meditation & Qi Gong -- and the mother of one very loving, exuberant son!

I have successfully used Chinese Medicine, Daoist Alchemy, sacred sensual cultivation, dance, qi gong, and somatic practices to renegotiate my relationship with the various traumas stored in my body (from long-term early sexual abuse, rape, pregnancy loss, childbirth, and intergenerational trauma), to live a healthy, radiant, fulfilled life, comfortable in my Wholeness. I am passionate about sharing these practices with women (like You!) who are ready to empower themselves in their own healing, in a culture ripe for change.

My vision is to co-create a world in which all people have the support we need to transform trauma, so we can live in the radiant Wholeness of our sacred embodiment, and bring our unique gifts to the world, empowered by Love from Within. Because when we deeply love, listen to, and care for ourselves, fulfilling our mission and purpose in the world becomes sustainable, and empowers others to live in alignment with their Hearts, Minds, and Essences, too. The more sustainably well-nourished our individual lives become, the easier it is to co-create families and communities in which we all can thrive with freedom, safety, and mutual respect!

I am committed to eradicating the stigma and shame of sexual trauma, and to walking the path of healing, spiritual awakening, and self-actualization with women who are ready to reclaim their full vitality, activate their Essence, and live in their empowered, authentic Wholeness.

Want to know more about my online course "Thriving Beyond Trauma"? Click here to see if this is the transformational, empowering work you've been looking for! Join our FREE private Facebook group here!

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