Transforming Trauma & Cultivating Radiant Vitality

through Classical Chinese Medicine & Daoist Sacred Embodiment Practices

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I'm Jem, and I help people who are ready and willing to transform trauma held in their bodies, so that they can feel vibrantly healthy, emotionally free, radically self-loving, and empowered in their True Essence, with all the energy and tools they need to thrive and co-create the nourishing relationships they want and deserve — with themselves, their kids, their partners, their communities, and their true purpose in the world.

Trauma and unresolved emotions can get held in the body for decades — even passed on for generations. 

Sometimes it's overt, obvious trauma (such as abuse, abandonment, rape, violence, or sudden loss) — all of which are important to address with embodied healing work, since trauma research tells us that "the body keeps the score."

But quite often, I also work with people who do not consciously recall experiencing what they would describe as "trauma" but who still carry limiting trauma-patterns — often related to the persistent stress of living in a patriarchal culture, in which it’s not ok or safe to be fully themselves (or even to exist in their particular kind of body, whether due to gender identity, skin color, size, appearance, wealth, or any other commonly judged attribute).

Nearly everywhere we turn, we hear stories of atrocities and are impacted by messaging saying that we aren’t enough in some way — it’s no wonder our bodies tell us it’s not safe to be here!

Unprocessed emotions and traumatic experiences (including those taken on from our ancestors or society) may show up as mysterious physical pain or illness (which lingers despite conventional treatments), adrenal fatigue, exhaustion, insomnia, gynecological challenges & hormone imbalances, dysfunctional relationships with poor boundaries, emotional reactivity, money blocks & feeling stuck in survival mode, fear of intimacy, and/or feelings of powerlessness and overwhelm. 

Wouldn't it be nice to transform those feelings, symptoms, and old patterns — to feel free to live the life you're born to lead, so you can bring your true gifts to the world?

Awesome news: You can!

The best way I've found to transform both the physical ailments (which are our bodies' clear call for attention, alerting us that something in our lives isn't working) AND the deeper felt experiences of shame or lack (of safety or power or enoughness) is to come more fully, radiantly, authentically into our bodies to reclaim our Power Within.

And, it's a lot easier to do that important, deep, vulnerable work with the appropriate tools and support!

My larger vision is to co-create a world in which we ALL have the empowering, compassionate support we need to transform sexual, relational, and ancestral trauma, so we can Thrive in the radiant Wholeness of our sacred embodiment, cultivate healthy relationships with our bodies, emotions, the planet, and each other, and self-actualize our creative Essences to bring our unique gifts to the world, empowered by Love from Within. 

If this resonates with you, book a free phone session to discover the next best, practical steps toward living into your fullest potential with radiant vitality!

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Dr. Jennifer (Jem) Minor


Doctor of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Licensed Acupuncturist

Faculty Member of Daoist Traditions College

Healing Tao Qi Gong Instructor

Feminine Power Facilitator

Master Alchemy Practitioner
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I am deeply devoted to supporting womxn in transforming sexual, relational & ancestral trauma - so they can reclaim their True Essence, Radiant Health, Sexual Vitality, and Creative Power to live into their fullest Potential, empowered by Love from Within.

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Wherever you are on your journey, you deserve to be met with compassion, gentleness, and full trust in your unique alchemical healing process.

When we deeply love, listen to, and care for ourselves, fulfilling our mission and purpose in the world becomes sustainable, and empowers others to live in alignment with their Hearts, Minds, and Essences too, allowing the co-creation of communities in which we all can thrive with freedom, safety, and mutual respect.

I am committed to eradicating the stigma and shame of sexual trauma, and to walking the path of healing, spiritual awakening, and self-actualization with women who are ready to reclaim their sexual vitality, activate their Essence, and live in their empowered, authentic Wholeness.

To support that vision, I teach women (like You!) the tried-and-true physical, emotional, sacred sexual, and spiritual practices that I've learned from Daoist teachers and developed through my own experiences (within myself and working with clients), to transform trauma and "pathology" into rich compost that nourishes the latent seeds of Your Essence to be able to blossom into your most radiant potential.

I meet you exactly where you are on your journey, with compassion, gentleness, and full trust in your unique alchemical process. Together, we co-create safe, sacred space for transformation, both in group settings and in one-on-one healing & coaching sessions.

My specialties include:

  • Classical Chinese Medicine
  • Deep Clearing Treatments for Trauma Healing
  • Women's Health
  • Sensual Cultivation Work
  • Alchemical Acupuncture
Book a New Client Free Phone Consultation

Ready to clear chronic stress & trauma-based patterns, so you can feel free to be your True Self, empowered in your Sacred Embodiment?

I know how hard it can feel to overcome old patterns — especially without sufficient support, or a clear map, or practical resources to use in the moment.

That's why I created Thriving Beyond Trauma: Foundations of Sacred Feminine Embodiment - a 12-Week Online Course - so YOU can access the support, tools, and empowering resources you need to heal and move into thriving!

Because the world needs us to be living in our True Essence now more than ever.

Begin Thriving Beyond Trauma Today!