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Birthing through Trauma: Reclaiming My Co-Creative Power With Life


Six years ago today, I began the 3-day initiation rite that birthed my son into the world. 

I naively felt reasonably well prepared at the time. I wasn’t.

Despite my amazing hands-on childbirth, birth-dancing and postpartum classes, Chinese medical training, and multitude of other resources -- none of those prepared me for how to work with the trauma held in my Womb that would be re-triggered during birth and postpartum.

On the contrary, I had mostly convinced myself that I'd already processed early sexual trauma, and didn't think it would come up again. But it did.

I had no idea how much I was still guarding my Womb Space, until it became clear in giving birth. Then, there was no way to avoid it; the only way out was Through.

I didn't know that rite of passage was also the beginning of several years of re-birthing myself -- not just into motherhood, but into my Wholeness, with deep healing of my own old traumas and ancestral patterns along the way.


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Transforming Pathology into Potential

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2020

What would happen if more of us allow ourselves to see how, within so-called “pathology,” we can also find and activate our greatest Potential? 

I find this perspective offers so much more grace; it has certainly contributed to my Thriving, and I suspect it would contribute greatly to the health of the Collective too.

When we compassionately acknowledge trauma-related patterns (or any potentially challenging symptoms or states of being) as they are AND embrace the Wholeness of who we are, we allow those patterns to soften and gradually transform. Love is far more healing than judgment or resistance. Through that process of Being Present with ourselves, we let Source Energy flow more freely, which re-activates our potential to truly Thrive as the amazing humans we came here to Be. (And, we can then show up more fully in mutually supportive co-creation with other amazing humans too!)

In our culture, the acceptability of how we communicate about our personal...

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