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Private Healing Sessions

Rebirthing our individual selves is the Collective rebirthing.

Who do you wish to Be?

Are you ready to Thrive in your True Essence?

At Nourishing Alchemy Healing Arts, we meet you exactly where you are, whether that's in acute physical or emotional crisis, or you're ready for the next level of transformation as you step into a new phase of life.  We support your alchemical healing journey with an individualized approach that may include a combination of acupuncture, bodywork, herbal medicine, nutrition, qi gong, breath work, meditation, movement practices, and wellness coaching. Our mission is to support You in overcoming trauma and making the changes you wish to make in your life that will allow you to Thrive, in alignment with your True Qi.


"Where there is pain, there is stagnation; where there is free flow of qi, there is no pain."

Classical Chinese Medicine creates a Map of how all the elements work together and uses needles to navigate it. This Map makes sense of our emotions and our history, of our ancestors and our organs and how Qi flows through the meridians, in different seasons and in response to different foods. I offer Medical Acupuncture, Alchemical Acupuncture, and Deep Clearing Treatments. 

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Alchemical Acupuncture

Will you accept or deny the invitation to transform?

Often, it's our resistance to change (in our environment, relationships, or within ourselves) that brings pain and illness.

In Alchemy, we embrace change as an evolutionary pathway, and choose to see life's challenges as an invitation to step into our true Potential rather than to get stuck in Pathology. Alchemical Acupuncture provides a map for navigating major life transitions, and empowers you as an Alchemist to Be the change you wish to see.

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Herbs and Nutrition

"Let food be thy medicine, and let thy medicine be food."

In these consultations, we do a thorough health history (physical, mental, and emotional) to create personal protocols to meet your unique needs, using herbal formulas, nutritional supplements, essential oils, stone medicine, and/or dietary therapy. 

Together, we'll co-create a plan for you to try, which includes listening to your own body's wisdom in response to my suggested supplements or strategies.

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Wellness Coaching & Distance Healing Sessions

Would you like powerful, practical healing support in the comfort of your own home?

Private distance healing services include: Alchemy; medical qi gong; guided meditation for empowered, body-centered self-healing; herbal medicine prescriptions; nutritional and wellness coaching; and/or alchemical life strategizing -- all possible via Zoom conference calls anywhere in the world!

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Your healing journey is unique to YOU!

Individualized sessions allow us to go much deeper into understanding how your trauma history and ancestral baggage have contributed to any current patterns or life situations that are keeping you from Thriving Now. Together, we can find and take action on the best next steps to support you on the path to living your fullest potential.

I am committed to meeting you exactly where you are, with love and trust in your innate Wholeness. I want you to feel empowered in your own healing process to make the changes you wish to make in your life, with all the compassionate support you deserve!

My private session services include: acupuncture, bodywork, Daoist abdominal massage, Alchemy, moxibustion, gua sha, stone medicine, medical qi gong, guided visualization, herbal medicine prescriptions, nutritional and wellness coaching, and/or alchemical life strategizing  -- some of which may be done on Zoom conference calls anywhere in the world, while other services are only available in person, in Asheville NC.

I also offer postpartum house calls to nourish the whole family in the tender time after baby's birth! Note that house call availability differs from office hours; please CLICK HERE for more about House Calls, or to discuss your family's unique needs, email:  [email protected] 

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Private Session Pricing

To honor the current pandemic and global upheaval, private session pricing has changed.

Full price remains $120/hour, but all in-person, in-office bodywork sessions are now offered on a Gliding Scale of $75-120/hour. The first session is usually 90 minutes, so the gliding scale is $111-180 for your initial visit. Wherever along that financial continuum feels right for you works for me, no questions asked! 

I cannot accept insurance (due to the gliding scale), but if your plan includes a Health Savings Account, you may be able to pay for your sessions with your HSA debit card, or request in advance to get a receipt for your session to see if your insurance may reimburse you. (And know that it may not work, so please have an alternate payment method available as well!)

Please note that there are also package options for both in-person and online private sessions that accompany my Thriving Beyond Trauma online course, as well as packages for distance healing and Zoom coaching sessions.

If you'd like a taste of my teaching style and energy, to see if we're a good fit for each other, register here for the free mini-course Embodying Courage in Challenging Times! 

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Give the gift of an Acupuncture House Call!

Private acupuncture and bodywork, in the comfort of home -- ideal for pregnancy, postpartum, and pandemic self-care.

I am deeply devoted to supporting women in transforming sexual, relational & ancestral trauma

My personal work

As I’ve been healing my own trauma and outdated patterns, I've learned how to embody my own healthy Yin and my own healthy Yang more fully, more often, with greater Trust.

I am continually practicing and learning new ways of Being Present in the sacred Yin Essence of my embodiment, and how to let my Yang energy rise up to be strong, active, and courageous out in the world, coming from a place of deeply rooted Yin, of peacefulness, presence and receptivity. And, it's always a work in progress!

I'm also continuously learning how to share my authentic self intimately and safely with others, and I strive to hold safe space for others to be seen and heard in their authentic selves too, as they step more courageously into their True Essence.

The more I actively, continually, humbly embrace this personal work, the better I feel able to meet others to support them in doing their healing work too -- while fully honoring each of our unique journeys, challenges, and dreams, as we increasingly embody our full potential.

Because of my own particular journey, I'm most deeply devoted to supporting women in transforming sexual, relational & ancestral trauma, so they can reclaim their Essential Radiance, Sexual Vitality, and Creative Power to live into their fullest Potential, empowered by Love from Within.

We are the Ancestors of Tomorrow

By living in alignment with our True Essence, aware of our part in the Whole, we contribute to the sustainable ecology of our World such that it will be able to nourish us, our children, and generations to come. May the vision of a World Ecology Rooted in Love be a powerful motivation to heal, transform and evolve our individual selves.

a word on personal responsibility

I offer you my heart’s connection, and my knowledge and skill as a Daoist Healing Practitioner, to nourish your emotional ecology, your communal life, your intimate relationships, and your own body and spirit. I can do my best to support you in doing your own healing work, to embody your own power, and to feel what shifts in your life and Being when you do this work for yourself. I offer you my support to step into your sacred embodiment in the way that is right for you -- and, I don't know what that is. Everybody’s growth edges are different.

I most love to work with people who are truly committed to their own growth process, who are engaged with themselves and with the world, willing to be in their integrity and vulnerability, willing to feel what's possible in themselves, and what can transform through our working relationship -- for however long and at whatever depth feels nourishing.

Healing comes through our relationship and through your own relationship with Source Energy. With my work, I share with you the amazing tools for clearing out blocks to your access to Source Energy, and I encourage you to remember, the power of healing and transformation lies within You. Everyone has their own innate access to Source Energy, but certain experiences can make it feel hard to tap into it. I've spent many years learning tools, strategies and techniques for re-connecting to that access. Some techniques use needles or herbs or touch, because things get stored in the body and need to be released, and some techniques are individual self-cultivation processes for you to do at home. And, both types of these tools work best when you consciously, actively engage with them, in order for lasting healing and evolution to happen.

"When you set people in motion, they can heal themselves."

If you ignore the dragon, it will eat you. If you confront the dragon, it will overpower you. If you ride the dragon, you learn to use its might and power.

~ Chinese Proverb

Transforming Trauma

In the Daoist practices, we learn to take in all sorts of energies and transform them. Any external substance, experience, or internal emotion can be transformed with the appropriate cultivation, clear intention, and skill. "Gong" translates as "skill" -- the practices of Qi Gong, meditation, and internal Alchemy (Nei Gong, or Inner Skill) all deepen our awareness of our inner world, so that we can become more skillful at transforming what we find there. With this work, we learn to tap into the painful places, so that instead of that energy holding back our creative life force and maintaining dysfunctional patterns, we learn new ways to let it transform what’s stuck and painful, so that it can actually give us more energy -- we can be fully in our power and our strength.

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