Embodying Courage in Challenging Times

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On the precipice of change?

Changes in relationship, health, career, or financial status... Entrepreneurship... Changes in living situation or family dynamics -- the loss of a loved one; caring for a new baby or family member; moving; divorce... Social justice activism in an unfriendly climate...

ALL of these challenges can be more easily navigated with practices to support your Embodiment of Courage, and your ability to listen within for your own Clarity.

Wishing to feel deeply centered within yourself, so you can navigate life's challenges with Ease, Grace & Clarity?

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Challenges invite us to embody the Courage to Change, often at the level of our very identity.

What does it mean to "embody courage"?

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Ready to Embody Courage?

This compassionate, nourishing mini-course will support you in tuning into your Inner Wisdom, so you can move through the physical, practical, and emotional challenges that arise on your way to Becoming who you're meant to Be.

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Who are you being invited to Become, as you meet life's challenges?

Are you comfortable engaging with the Mystery of that?

Having embodied practices to support the process of Becoming the next version of yourself helps to move from the idea of who you want to Be, of what you want to do and feel, to actually embodying that, and living it in your daily life. Sustainably. With ease and grace -- even delight!

In this FREE 5-day mini-course, I share my five favorite, simple, powerful practices for re-centering myself and aligning with my own Inner Knowing -- the practices that have helped me move through ALL the changes and challenges listed above (and more) in the past couple years!

When we're making big changes in our lives -- shifting old beliefs that no longer serve us, experimenting with new ways of living-doing-Being, helping upgrade the collective paradigm, and feeling all the feelings involved with such endeavors -- it's VITAL to nourish a clear, solid foundation to sustain our journey! And then, once we've moved through those initial changes, we have those foundational practices to return to, to support our on-going growth and thriving.

The more deeply and consciously we feel and nourish who we are and who we're Becoming, the easier it is to have the courage to face challenges, to grow our resilience, and to co-create a more loving, vibrant, inspiring, sustainably nourishing reality for ourselves -- and for the world.

Because our personal transformation contributes to global evolution -- and the world needs all of us to embody courage now more than ever!

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