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Imbolc Full Moon Ripening

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2020

Full Moon Blessings, dear ones! 

What seedling intentions that you planted at the New Moon are now ripening? Big or small, pause and appreciate them, and offer them some extra nourishment, if needed.

How is your body feeling, as you deepen your devotion to your intentions for this year? 

I invite you to take a few minutes (or more) this weekend to tune into your body's Inner Wisdom, to feel what is alive in you, what's ripening, moving through, and/or ready to be released.

Just notice. Listen. Observe. Feel. Allow. Accept. Be Present, with Love.

If any new clarity or insights arise within, gently ask into what Inspired Action is ready to be taken, if any.

If there is one, commit to taking that Inspired Action and schedule it in as soon as possible -- following through provides positive feedback for your Inner Wisdom to continue to speak to you!

(Want a simple practice to tune in specifically to your Womb Wisdom? Try the Womb Presence Practice described at the end of this week's blog post, "Loving the Sacred Womb Space". :)

Consistently making time to Be Present with ourselves helps to resolve emotional challenges and cultivate greater vitality. Sometimes that can feel hard to schedule in, but if we follow the natural cycles of our bodies and of the sun, moon, and/or planets, this rhythmic way of living will deeply support our Thriving. Working with natural rhythms is always easier than struggling against them! 

In a culture where there's so much constant emphasis on Doing, I like to use the rhythms of the Moon to tune into my Inner Being. Which feels different, at each moon phase, hormonal phase, and season.

The Daoist perspective is to appreciate this continual inter-transformation of Yin and Yang. Notice the Yang within Yin, and the Yin within Yang. How do they feed into each other? How do they move through us differently, at various phases of our monthly cycle? When do we need more rest versus have more active energy? 

Are we honoring those natural needs? Does our current lifestyle feel sustainable and nourishing? If not, what small tweaks (or big changes) would improve that balance and flow?

While some of us may feel invigorated by the Full Moon, others may need more time to use its bright Light in the wintry Darkness to reflect inwardly. And, within each of us, that can vary with the season, with our stress level, individual constitution, and/or how our menstrual cycle intersects with the lunar energy. Getting to Know ourselves (and then actually honoring what is true for us!) amidst these natural cycles is an important way to cultivate physical vitality and emotional well-being.

It's not always possible to take as much time as we'd like to take care of ourselves, but even a few minutes a day, and a few more minutes weekly and with each New and Full Moon can make a big difference! Try it and see. :)

Almost-Full Moon over Craggy - one of my favorite places!

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As for my own Full Moon reflections, I'm appreciating the beautiful growth of our private Facebook community, Thriving Beyond Trauma: The Tao of Sacred Feminine Embodiment -- where I've been doing FB Live Videos everyday this week about how trauma is held in the body. It's such good practice for me to be more visible (since that previously didn't feel safe for me), and it's been so powerful to hear from women around the world who are inspired by this work! (If you haven't yet, please join us, check out the recent videos, and/or share it with friends who might appreciate this free community resource.) It feels so good for this work to be ripening, growing, and reaching more who need it!

Thank you for Being all that you are, and for being part of our community.

Honor what feels True for You this Full Moon weekend. You're worth it. 


with love, gratitude, and Full Moon blessings,



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