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Transforming Pathology into Potential

Uncategorized Jan 04, 2020

What would happen if more of us allow ourselves to see how, within so-called “pathology,” we can also find and activate our greatest Potential? 

I find this perspective offers so much more grace; it has certainly contributed to my Thriving, and I suspect it would contribute greatly to the health of the Collective too.

When we compassionately acknowledge trauma-related patterns (or any potentially challenging symptoms or states of being) as they are AND embrace the Wholeness of who we are, we allow those patterns to soften and gradually transform. Love is far more healing than judgment or resistance. Through that process of Being Present with ourselves, we let Source Energy flow more freely, which re-activates our potential to truly Thrive as the amazing humans we came here to Be. (And, we can then show up more fully in mutually supportive co-creation with other amazing humans too!)

In our culture, the acceptability of how we communicate about our personal challenges varies. Sometimes it's easier to talk about our experiences and symptoms psychologically; other times it’s easier to talk about them in how they show up in our bodies. Ideally, we’ll become more comfortable with exploring how they overlap. 

Classical Chinese Medicine does not separate body, mind and spirit. 

Rather than looking strictly at physical or psychological health, Daoist medicine understands the inter-transformation of Yin (matter) and Yang (spirit), and supports their healthy, dynamic flow. The union and continual transformation of Yin and Yang is what nourishes life -- in the global ecology, as well as in our bodies. 

That’s Source Energy pouring its infinite potential into physical reality.

With this foundation, we look at how various patterns or symptoms offer information about ALL levels of the complex spiritual experience of embodiment, whether we choose to see something as “pathology” or as part of our personal evolutionary process, or “alchemy.” (Which of those feels more empowering??)

The framework of Classical Chinese Medicine offers a way to talk about, for example, being physically constipated, while at the same time, the points that move physical fecal matter will help with spiritual or emotional “constipation” as well -- sometimes we just need a nudge of support to let that shit go! And then, having made more space internally, we can open up to a new potential we couldn’t see or activate before.

Likewise, if an ancient text says, “this point is for the vomiting of blood” -- well, nowadays, you’re going to the emergency room if you're vomiting blood (though maybe we could needle you on the way there!). However, you need not be *literally* vomiting blood to benefit from that point. You could be uncontrollably spewing your emotions, which (in Chinese medicine) are stored in the Blood. If you’re spewing emotions out of your mouth and can't stop, the points for “vomiting blood” can help with that energetic pattern too. (We’ve all either been around other folks in such a state, or been in it ourselves, right? It happens! And it’s not fun.)

Fortunately, there are acupoints (and herbs, and physical Qi Gong practices) to harmonize the blood, to support various healthier, more effective pathways of emotional integration too. When we utilize these natural pathways, we can tap into Source Energy more freely, again opening up limitless possibilities for healing and thriving.

That’s the core of my work: to help more of us learn how to tune into those different embodied and emotional messengers, to the multiple levels of our felt experience -- with compassion, curiosity, and a growing understanding of the larger picture of our embodied journey. This ecological perspective allows us to focus on how we can let the current challenges activate a new potential for evolution, which in turn will nourish more sustainable health for the Whole — the Whole individual, community,  and world.

The body gives us so many helpful clues -- not just for diagnosing what some may deem “pathological” symptoms, but also for seeing our strengths and greatest potentials. Noticing what IS working well is incredibly valuable -- we can work with those aspects to help bring the struggling parts back into balance.

In this way, “nourishing alchemy” entails focusing on facilitating individuals’ unique, natural strengths (including their Elemental constitution) to support them in Becoming more fully, vibrantly, healthily themselves -- guided by their own reflections on their experiences, with the help of the natural pathways and abundant Resources offered by Chinese Medicine. It’s powerful work, for all involved! (See these links for more specifics about 1:1 session options  and about self-cultivation.)

What’s your experience of transforming “pathology” into an activation of your potential? 

What does that shift in perspective feel like in your body?

What’s one way you might illuminate and grow more of your innate potential this year?

This moment?

With love, gentle strength, courage, and deep Trust in all that you are,



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