Self-Cultivation Work


A commitment to healing, through relationship with the deepest aspects of ourselves, each other, and with Source.

Movement out of fear and into Love

Self-cultivation work is engaging in active movement out of fear and into Love. We bring our loving awareness into the unconscious places where pain and fear live, in a way that simply lets our feelings and embodied experiences Be what they are. Here, we learn, there is nothing wrong with the pain or the fear; Love can Be with them. We can be with ourselves, in tender, loving Presence. We can embody Love.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong (or chi kung) is the healing, meditative movement practice of Daoist Chinese Medicine, rather like yoga is for Ayurveda, but with different movements and focus. Qi Gong coordinates breath (and sometimes sound), slow movements that activate particular organs and meridians, and relaxed, focused awareness to facilitate balanced flow of Qi (Life Force Energy) through the body-mind-spirit.  Its gentle accessibility makes it approachable, beneficial, and effective across all ages and ability levels.

I offer group and private classes, both in-person and online, on many different Qi Gong forms, including: Fundamental Grounding, Rooting, & Breathing Practices; Primordial Tai Chi; Wu Dang Five Animals; Alchemical Healing; Sexual Vitality; Fertility, Pregnancy, & Postpartum Practices; Emotional & Spiritual Alchemy; and various Ritual and Medical Qi Gong forms that can be tailored to the individual's needs and physical abilities. 

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Sexual Cultivation Work

We get to choose to embody and use sacred Sexual Energy consciously, to co-create the quality of relationships, physical and emotional health, spirituality, and ecology we wish to experience in our lifetime, and for generations to come. This sacred work includes: Basic Grounding & Clearing Exercises, Microcosmic Orbit Practice, Breast Self-Massage & Heart Opening, and Jade Egg Womb Work for coming into our own power and becoming comfortable with our own sexual energy, as the Source energy flowing through us. We increase our capacity to feel that power (and to use it creatively for good, with Love, rather than to shut it down due to fear!) by cultivating the channels and pathways for it to run healthily. In so doing, we clear out any old patterns blocking our easy access to Infinite Source Energy, so we can live in our authentic Essence, and Be the change we wish to see in the world.

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Meditation is a vital aspect of Self-Cultivation, and is part of all of the Sexual Cultivation, Alchemy, and Qi Gong practices that I teach -- and, I do my best to keep it embodied and alive, even for those who have previously had difficulty meditating!

Specific meditations are used for specific intentions, whether for alleviating stress-related ailments, or for deeper healing, alchemical inner transformation, emotional harmony, grounding, circulating healthy sexual Source energy, or cultivating deep peace, self-awareness, acceptance, and embodied self-love.

I offer a variety of recorded guided meditations to accompany specific practices, programs, and alchemical healing journeys, as their use vastly increases the effectiveness of all the rest of the work I do with clients -- because we have to be willing to shift our awareness within ourselves to co-create the thriving lives and relationships we want!

moving with gentle power, from fear to Love

With this work we enter into those places in ourselves, that have been in fear and in pain, that have learned not to trust because something hurts or was scary or painful and probably for very good reason. With this modality, we use Qi Gong, Breath Work, the singing of Healing Sounds, and specific Meditations to help us come into those places - in other words, to deliberately inhabit the previously unconscious wound with our consciously aware and Source Love saturated present moment - and doing really conscious work with all of these forces, to clear out the trauma stored there.

Most of these self-cultivation practices are about allowing us to be more present in our bodies, and simply to notice what’s alive in them first. And then, simply to Be with What Is.

In this place, we take time to access the deeper resources available within ourselves: in the center of the earth, in love, in the divine, in Source. Here, we reach for and allow ourselves to receive the energies that are most resourcing for us. First we access that energy to ground ourselves, then bring that resource into those places that are holding pain or old trauma, and just let that area soften... if it’s ready to soften.

Maybe it’s not ready to soften, and that’s also ok.

We soften in the places we are able to, and honor the places that aren't quite ready yet, trusting that the bud will blossom in its own time, in accordance with its own sacred intelligence -- usually in direct proportion to the sense of Resource, Safety, and Respect we feel in ourselves and in our environment.

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