Sensual Cultivation Work

This is Life Force Energy, this is what creates everything. How we choose to use Sexual Source Energy, and how we clear our emotions before we activate it, is essential.

Sexual Energy Creates Everything!

The power of Sexual Source Energy is neutral in itself. When we bring it into any situation or practice, it will amplify whatever is already there.

We get to choose to embody and use sacred Sexual Energy consciously, to co-create the quality of relationships, physical and emotional health, spirituality, and ecology we wish to experience in our lifetime, and for generations to come.

Foundational Practices

We begin with fundamental grounding, circulating, and emotional clearing practices. Once we have the foundation of being able to do the Microcosmic Orbit, the Healing Sounds, and the Fundamental qi rooting and breathing practices, then we can begin the Sexual Energy Work -- first with a profound Womb-Clearing Meditation. We don't just dive into Sexual Energy Work without sufficient grounding, because sexual energy will amplify whatever is already there. We need to respect its power, and work on clearing emotional trauma and energetic baggage first -- as well as to create a solid foundation to which to return from the heights of ecstasy!

Healthy sexuality, just like health in the rest of our lives, requires a balance of yin and yang, and some degree of comfort with the inter-transformation of feminine and masculine energies within ourselves, in our lives, with our partners, and in the world.

Breast Self-Massage

Ever say “I need to get this off my chest”? Breast massage is a great way to move and transform emotional energy held in the chest!

Breast self-massage is an integral part of sexual energy cultivation. If you just dive into the Jade Egg practices for the Yoni (vagina) without breast massage and Heart awakening first, the results may not be what you desired -- because if the Heart is closed, the yoni is closed. First, we open the Heart and move energy in the breasts, to be able to re-establish and strengthen the Heart-Womb Connection.

Not just once.

Every. Single. Time.

Sometimes there's discomfort or frustration with this important step -- which just serves as an invitation to reflect on the underlying beliefs, assumptions, feelings, or stories we may have about sexual energy, heart energy, self-love, foreplay, and cultural agendas and expectations! 

Jade Egg Womb Work

Jade Egg exercises for the yoni/vagina help to physically move any energy stuck in the pelvis, and help us spiritually reclaim the inner womb space, which is the core power of the Divine Feminine.

By combining physical vaginal exercises with Daoist meditation practices, the sexual energy stimulated by the Jade Egg can be transformed into higher spiritual energy, and activated to move energy in the core channel (Chong Mai) of the body, as well as used to open the front (Ren) and spine (Du) channels with the Microcosmic Orbit.

By using the 6 Healing Sounds and Inner Smile, these energies can then be further guided to clear any trauma (our own or ancestral) stored in the Womb, as well as to revitalize the qi of the primary channels, and to bring the organs, hormone-regulating glands, and meridians into greater harmony.

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Yin and Yang energies are in everything. They're essential aspects of how Neutral Source Energy creates everything. Sexual Energy is a powerful aspect of Source Energy. You can call it whatever you want, whether you call that God or Nature or The Dao, or something else, it’s that divine Source Energy that creates all of life, without which we would not be here. And we all have it within ourselves just as much as it exists beyond us.

What would happen if we ALL honored Sexual Source Energy?

How would the world be different, if we learned how to work with Source energy more lovingly and consciously in our bodies, lives, and relationships?

How much better would our lives, relationships, and communities be, if we continuously chose to work with and embody our Source energy from a place of Love rather than Fear?

This is I want to see in the world:

for us to be comfortable in our Sexual Energy, 

which IS our

Inherent, Divine Connection to Source Energy,

our Essential Co-Creative Power --

to be able to live in it

with it

for it

through it

and let it nourish us

to let Source bring forth our own creative impulses

in art or music or writing or teaching,

in all of our work,

in Love,

for Source Energy to move unhindered through us

to make the world a better place.

We need more people doing that, 

Being empowered by Source energy,

to co-create a more loving, safe, sustainable world -- 

for us, for our children,

and for generations to come.

Breathing in Source Energy

Are you tired all the time? Wondering where your access to Source energy went? Feel like something's blocking it? Want to get it back?

In Daoist medicine, there are hundreds of windows and doors on all these points, all over our bodies, that we can open up to receive Source Energy.

We tend to go around with those windows and doors closed, trying to run on our own internal energy, afraid of accessing the abundant universal energy available to us.

Maybe we aren't aware it's an option to live so deeply connected to Source, or we don't know how, or we (or others around us) are afraid of what might happen if we do tap into that abundant Life Force within us and all around us...

Because when we do access greater Source energy, after not doing so for a long time, we're invited to step into our own power, which often reveals new aspects of our lives that then have to change, as we begin to live into the new identity of who we're becoming.

And that's scary, and can be overwhelming -- especially if we've ever experienced trauma in which we felt frozen, trapped, or powerless. 

Even without a lot of trauma, it can be scary to make the changes we're invited to make when we realign our Essence with Source energy!

It can feel overwhelming to acknowledge our deep inner knowing that we need to leave a job or a marriage, or go back to school, or move somewhere new... We're likely to encounter resistance, within ourselves and from those around us.

We're afraid change will be painful, for ourselves or others, and we don't want to suffer or cause suffering.

But how do we know that the suffering of creating the changes to align our lives with our Essence and Source Energy is GREATER than the suffering of NOT living in our Essence?

We don't.

And, it probably isn't. 

From my own experience, and those of my clients, I've seen this over and over again:

When we nourish our connection with Source Energy, and allow it to activate our True Essence, we naturally align our lives with our own divine wisdom and power --

and then, our health improves, our relationships improve, and we start to co-create the lives we're meant to lead -- with a surprising amount of Ease, coming from our Source Within!

So, this is what I teach, and this is how I choose to live -- despite all the challenges of making the major changes my Essence has called me to make! And, it's juicy and beautiful and vulnerable and fulfilling -- and my health, family dynamics, home, business, and Heart ALL feel oh-so-much-better now than how they've felt at the times when I wasn't doing these practices to activate my Source energy!  Such a relief to feel like myself and find my flow in life again!

In my work, I share numerous Qi Gong practices to support opening to Source Energy, breathing it in, being able to open your skin to breathe Source Energy in through your pores, to be nourished easefully by the world. And in the sexual cultivation work, we start with some of those foundational practices, then delve deeper into clearing out anything that's blocking us from accessing the Source energy in our sacred Womb-space -- usually unresolved emotional baggage, and/or trauma of our own or our ancestors. It takes significant cultivation of safety and trust to be able to let go of those patterns that previously kept us safe, so we go gently, with love and compassion for all that's there -- knowing that whatever discomfort arises along the way is clearing our path to access our true Essence and embody more Love!

There’s infinite Source Energy all around us and within us. We can access it if we’re not freaked out by it. And, we tend to get freaked out by it because in our culture, it’s not ok, or often doesn't feel safe, to live in your Essence, to be that radiant, to be healthy and vibrant and beautiful. If it’s not safe for us to live in our radiance, then... we don’t. And if we’re not living in our radiant Essence, it's harder to make the right choices for ourselves -- so we get sick, or feel stuck, or just feel like we don't belong here. It’s hard on our bodies, and it’s hard on our relationships. And, it makes it much harder to create a more sustainable, compassionate world!

But, thankfully, since we learned all of these difficult ways of being -- now, we can unlearn them! We get to co-create a more nourishing, harmonious, authentic, compassionate world -- and it starts within our relationship with our own bodies, our own power, and Source Energy.

Are you ready?


the inner transformation

In the Daoist practices, we learn to take in all sorts of energies and transform them. Any external substance, experience, or internal emotion can be transformed with the appropriate cultivation, clear intention, and skill. "Gong" translates as "skill" -- the practices of Qi Gong, meditation, and internal Alchemy (Nei Gong, or Inner Skill) all deepen our awareness of our inner world, so that we can become more skillful at transforming what we find there. With this work, we learn to tap into the painful places, so that instead of that energy holding back our creative life force and maintaining dysfunctional patterns, we learn new ways to let it transform what’s stuck and painful, so that it can actually give us more energy -- we can be fully in our power and our strength.

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