Alchemical Acupuncture

Pathology as Evolutionary Potential 

Entering the Mystery

Alchemy begins with being willing to engage with the Mystery Within, to look at whatever is dark, mysterious, painful, or challenging in our lives, and to Be with that, exactly as it is in the present moment. Through that Presence, and with these practices and healing techniques, we cultivate our ability to take Inspired Action in the co-creative self-actualization of our lives, embracing and dancing with our ever-evolving Infinite Potential.

Basic Clearing Treatments

If nothing you've tried so far has worked, or if issues keep recurring, clearing a "treatment block" is the best place to start!

These Basic Clearing Treatments are essential to help clear stagnant, unconscious energy in the body first, so then we can do the evolutionary Alchemy work more effectively. With these treatments, we clear out the inner garbage to create space for natural homeostasis. Our bodies want to be healthy. We want to thrive. Nature wants us to thrive.

When we clear out any old, stagnant energies that have been blocking you from healing and evolving, we open the way for your body-mind-spirit to recognize a good suggestion when it hears one, and the next actions you take will be be so much more effective -- not just in bringing you into greater health, but also into living your full potential.

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Deep Clearing Treatments

Alchemizing trauma held in the body

These powerful sessions clear out long-standing, subconscious, trauma-related patterns on all emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental levels -- which may show up as mysterious health symptoms, depression, phobias, addictions, or energetic blocks about something in life that you've repeatedly tried to overcome. Such issues are often related to some kind of trauma, whether your own or inherited.

Each Ling Shu Treatment has a different purpose and function, and while their effects may be dramatic and immediate or take weeks to unfold more subtly, they last a lifetime. 

These long treatments are a time-out-of-life healing experience, lasting 3 - 6 hours. 

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The 9 Alchemical Stages

The Nine Stages of Alchemy provide a clear framework to support letting go of the past to be able to embrace the freedom of the present, so you can live your most authentic, fulfilling life.

In this system laid out by 88th-generation Daoist priest, Jeffrey Yuen, each stage includes different acupuncture treatments, meditations, physical cultivation practices, and dedication to particular life work. It is not for everyone!

Alchemy is about regenerating your authentic, sacred embodiment and soul purpose, by letting go of any baggage preventing you from self-actualizing the life you're born to lead. Once you embark on the Path of Alchemy, nothing that arises is seen as pathological, but rather as a signpost of potential being activated for the next phase of your evolution. 

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The Alchemical Process

"The ancient Chinese Daoists believed that our spirits are like gold -- a metal that doesn't ever corrode or break down. You can bury it in the ground, dig it up, and when you polish it, it hasn't changed a bit. Even if you heat it or freeze it, it doesn't change its essential qualities. It's as beautiful as it has always been. We humans are like this, but we just don't know it." ~ Leta Herman & Jaye McElroy

Embracing Alchemy

In this life, we often find ourselves feeling like little people in little boats, drifting and being tossed about in the waves of a vast ocean. When we embark on the Daoist Alchemical path, suddenly we are given a sail and oars. Perhaps unexpectedly, we acquire a precise and beautiful map to guide our lives with conscious intention, from a place of deep listening to our hearts and our truest Essence. In this ship, we can clear out anything holding us back from accessing our deep inner wisdom, so we can take the inspired actions we need to live the life we are meant to be living. This navigational process gives us the tools to bring our fullest gifts to the world, as our experiences, relationships, and careers come into harmonious, meaningful alignment with our True Qi.

Embarking on an alchemical voyage means we have a willingness to shed the darker, heavier burdens of the pains of this lifetime, both in present daily life and going back to the traumas of childhood, or even of our ancestors. As we do so, we let go of the habits of perception that have limited our interactions with the world, so that we can feel free to be our most authentic selves and truly sail in life! 

Interwoven Maps for an Alchemical Voyage

Internal Alchemy: Lead into Gold

Meditation and qi gong practices to facilitate rapid, lasting transmutation

Alchemy mixes Fire (heart/spirit) and Water (kidneys/embodied Essence/depth) to create new Earth (ever-evolving sacred human embodiment). Alchemy goes into the mystery within and transforms "pathology"/lead/trauma into gold/vitality/one's fullest potential, by being fully present with What Is (and how that is held in embodied experience), such that anything stuck there holding us back from expressing our full potential can unwind and be freed, to allow for the co-creation of a new destiny fully in alignment with Source and one's true self. 

The sexual vitality qi gong practices I teach are also about that, with greater focus on self-love and inner radiance, with alignment vertically between heaven, earth, and humanity, and balance horizontally between Yin, Yang, and neutral Life Force.

We all possess the potential to transform challenging energies into something new, something that can be strong, solid, powerful, and supportive, in and for our own bodies, lives, and relationships. We can choose to transform any energies we take in -- with the appropriate resources, awareness, tools, intention, and what we might call energetic or spiritual technology.

This is one facet of the engagement in Internal Alchemy, or the transmutation of lead (in this case, challenging emotions, such as anger or grief) into gold (valuable, positive, or at least neutral, life-giving energies, such as kindness and integrity). There are multiple levels of this process of Nei Dan, or Internal Alchemy, from the daily-life level of the Fusion of the Five Elements (taught after the Fundamentals) on up to working with planetary and star energies, at the ancestral and collective level. All of these Internal Alchemy practices are about how various energies can come into our own Earth Center, which can be cultivated (with our conscious intention and practice) to be powerful enough to transform anything, because that is what the Earth does naturally as it spins: continuously transforms. We can tap into the transformative power of the Earth within ourselves too, to activate our own innate potentials -- ideally to co-create an ecology that is mutually nourishing for us, the Earth and everyone around us as well, such that our individual evolution contributes to a more sustainable, loving future.

So we ask ourselves:

What are the dark substances we’re going to transform into gold?

What dark materials do we need to shed so that our true gold can shine?

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