Thriving Mama Circle: 

Navigating Change with Grace, Sustainable Vitality, & Radiant Core Connection

within ourselves, with our families, with each other, and in the world


Empowering joyful Sacred Embodiment from pre-conception through pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and every stage of parenting, as we co-create Emotional Ecosystems in which we ALL can Thrive in our ever-evolving world


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How shall we embody the changes we wish to see in the world?


In these times of global transformation, we're being asked to come more deeply into our own Power Center, so that the choices we make for our own families' joyful thriving also help co-create a healthier ecosystem for all families to celebrate, now and in future generations. 

That may seem like a tall order, especially when many are struggling with simple daily life! And, we don't have to struggle. When we cultivate sustainable vitality within ourselves, we naturally have more energy available to live, laugh, and love in Ease and Joy with our families and more energy to for our broader work in the world. And, it's much easier to devote ourselves to cultivating our own radiant, renewable energy if we have a supportive community of other families doing so too! 

Together, we can come back into our own True Radiance in conscious Core Connection, with energetic & physical practices, embodied awareness, and simple inquiry, to find what supports our Sustainable Vitality, Inner Radiance, and Emotional Resilience.

What does Thriving mean to you? What's Essential for your Thriving? For your children's Thriving? For your partnership? For the sustainably thriving ecosystem of your family life? For the larger world? 

What happens when we don't consciously tend to our Essentials, or even know what they are? What happens when we lose our Core Connection to ourselves & to our dearest ones?

Burnout. Resentment. Overwhelm. Exhaustion. Diminished health. Anxiety. Analysis paralysis. Relationship challenges. Depression. Stagnation. Denial and avoidance...

Eventually, there comes a time when we can't cope with that anymore, and something has to change. But what if we can avoid going down that path in the first place (or again)?

How do we manage our own energy sustainably, first to bring ourselves into our own joyful Radiance, and from there to support ALL of our Thriving? 

Coming more deeply into our bodies is the first step.

When we learn more tools for Being With and moving through emotions and beliefs that are held in the body, we can feel calmer, more curious, open & comfortable with meeting the Unknown, and more empowered in our ability to navigate challenging circumstances.

We also get to model these skills for our children -- no matter what age they are, even in the Womb! They rely on us to help regulate their nervous systems and set the stage for their stress responses, as they learn to navigate their own inner emotional world, as well as the ever-changing outer world. Maternal health is vital for the well-being of the next generation. And "health" (to me) includes being joyfully, compassionately in Power With our own bodies, rather than perpetuating the old paradigm of having Power Over our bodies (or each other).

The more adept we become at working with our bodies, compassionately and responsibly -- feeling our emotions, needs, desires, delights, triggers, discomforts, ecstasies, & physiological responses to stress and delight, Being Present With all those feelings, and allowing those energies to move through & transform, so our nervous system can reset -- the more easily we can co-create healthy relationships with others (partners, children, and everyone else too). We can literally start to embody the changes we wish to see in the world, beginning in loving Core Connection within ourselves, extending that connection into our family We-Space, and out from there to shift the social structures of the larger paradigm to support all of our Thriving. 

What better time than NOW to deepen our own embodied awareness & energetic skills, so we can model & share those skills with our kids -- and live in our True Radiance?

As my Daoist mentors say, "The best protection is your own Radiance."

Thriving Mama Circle is intended to empower mothers in every aspect of our Sacred Embodiment, so we can Thrive in our own True Radiance, nourish our families, connect deeply with ourselves and each other, and co-create a more just, peaceful, respectful, sustainable, mutually supportive world.


Ready to Thrive in your True Radiance? Join us!

Our Thriving Mama Circle is for you, if you want to:


Cultivate Sustainable Vitality & Emotional Resilience with simple, powerful, practical self-care skills that empower you to work with your body -- in micro-doses of under a minute, small doses of a few minutes, medium doses of an hour, and large doses of deeper healing and embodied nourishment -- because mamas need a full range of self-care options, if we are to Thrive in daily life, especially in uncertain times!

Release anxiety about the Unknown, so you can navigate all the changes and challenges of motherhood with greater Ease, Grace, Joy, and Clarity, grounded in the Radiance of your own Inner Wisdom, as you find which pathways best nourish your family's joyful thriving -- no matter what the larger culture (or your relatives, or your former self) seem to expect of you!  

Find joy & calm amidst the chaos of family life by soothing your own nervous system first, so you can offer healthy co-regulation for your children's inevitable (and sometimes frequent) meltdowns 

Deepen your embodied awareness to feel, honor, and express your needs, feelings, delights, & desires with the Inner Clarity of your True Essence -- a vital practice to support your own physical & emotional well-being, primary relationships, & larger goals in life... as well as to model for your children

Fully receive the Abundance of Resources offered by your body & breath, the Earth, your community, and your own Power Center, so you can calibrate appropriate energetic exchanges with your family (kids, partner + other loved ones), your work, and the larger world -- living in the Radiance of Abundant Mutual Support, while avoiding resentment or burnout!

Have a compassionate, accepting community space to explore ideas, share joys & challenges, and reflect on all the changes you're experiencing in your body, family, life, and world -- in ways that bring you back to the Love that you Are, so you can heal painful patterns from your past (and from your ancestors) and free up that energy to co-create a thriving, joyful family ecosystem to nourish the next generation

Develop mutually supportive, meaningful connections with other parents, a compassionate group facilitator, your own body, and family members (however near or far or challenging they may be!) -- so, despite social distancing, you do NOT have to feel overwhelmed or alone! Family life can be all the more joyful when shared!

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