"My heart is weeping with love and gratitude for this treatment...in a lying on holy ground kind of way..."

S. S.
Asheville, NC, November 2018

"Wow, I feel like you just did triage and I can survive my life now. I can go back and be a dad now."

Anonymous Dad amidst divorce
Internal Dragons/Chaotic Energy Treatment

"When I feel into my sessions with Jem, I feel some pretty extraordinary things like: “her sessions saved my life,” “ these sessions are the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” “meeting and working with Jem as a healing practitioner is my destiny,” and outrageous as all that sounds - it’s true. It’s incredible how quickly and fully my whole body can shift after just one hour with her. Jem’s skill, perception and core desire to help open the body to receive qi is on the level of genius. I am certain she was born to do this work. I believe she has cultivated this work throughout many lifetimes, each lifetime sharpening her skill, softening her heart and increasing her knowledge simultaneously with her humility and genuine care."

Eve Sutherlin
Student & Client since 2018

"This morning I felt like I was split open, coming apart at the seams... and now I feel like you sewed me back together again, but there's not even any trace of the stitches -- I've simply returned to Wholeness!"

December 2019

"My main motivation for wanting to do this course was to heal some stuff that was triggered by my kids -- in other words, not to be such a b**** to my kids. I'm so gratefully amazed how my relationship with them has changed this last month (I am also praying I'm not tempting fate!). These practices got me exercising more as I felt stronger in my body, eating better, and for now, many of the strong emotions I was experiencing are much less, allowing me to finally act as the mother I know I am meant to be. Thank you, Jem, from all my heart. I feel like parenting courses etc are so important, but without this deep work, it's never really going to be effective. So yes to all parents doing this!"

"Thriving Beyond Trauma" student, December 2018

"I have been doing qigong daily, with the microcosmic and macrocosmic orbits, and all I can say is Wow! Thanks so much for bringing so many women together and cultivating a deep practice of healing."

student of 6-week intro course
Spring 2019

"If you’re ready to go to a completely new level of self-love and self-knowledge, within a sacred sister circle, then Jem’s Jade Egg class is for you. Talk about breakthrough!"

Fall 2018

"I loved this [in-person Jade Egg] Course!!! I looked forward to our weekly class with curious enthusiasm; like an exciting secret date with myself! Jem's kind and steady guidance created a safe container that encouraged me to delve deep. I was very impressed with her graceful way in offering plenty of theory, balanced with really experiencing the practice in class. And although some of the energies that came up for me were not all pleasant, the course was very supportive throughout my journey. It was incredible to explore this level of intimacy with myself in a small group of women! There was no question that could not be asked and was met with such patient compassion from Jem with insightful, as well as practical guidance. Jem can really meet you where you are and will likely encourage you to smile to your body! :) Thank you, Jem!"

Sarah Anne Amason
Black Mountain, NC

"Jem is the ultimate healer. She combines a profound wisdom of this ancient way of looking at the whole being with a deeply intuitive and well-rounded understanding of her clients. Healing has never felt so encouraging, empowering, and co-creative, as it does with Jem and Nourishing Alchemy. Besides all of this, it is wildly evident that Jem lives her Alchemy. This makes who she is as a Practitioner not only relatable, it evokes tremendous trust in the process."

Becky Boisvert
Summer 2018

"Thank you for the epic treatment. It was quite the journey! I feel much more grounded and peaceful."

Black Mountain, NC

"I am still deeply deeply deeply(!) with the Stellar Magnificence of Tuesday night’s Egg journey. The magnitude of the shift in perception is beyond… well, is beyond the known limits of my former Beyond, let’s put it like that for now. I’ll just characterize it with this~ Deliciously juicy FREEDOM! Blessed Be! 😘😘😘😘😘"

Two-time student of 6-week intro course
Spring 2019

"I am so in love with Qi Gong! I think about you and your gift of this to me every time I practice, and it fills me with ever growing gratitude! I want to tell you today how grateful I am for the stunning difference Qi Gong makes in my life! Thank you."

Anonymous Student
December 2019

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