Thriving Mama Circle

Navigating Change with Grace, Sustainable Vitality, & Radiant Core Connection

within ourselves, with our families, with each other, and in the world


Empowering joyful Sacred Embodiment from pre-conception through pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and every stage of parenting, as we co-create Emotional Ecosystems in which we ALL can Thrive in our ever-evolving world







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Want to Thrive in Pregnancy, Postpartum, & Family Life in these uncertain times?

You don't have to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed, anxious, or alone in navigating the unknowns & challenges that accompany the many life changes involved in pregnancy, parenting, and partnership!

Especially in these times of global uncertainty and collective transformation, it feels essential to be as well-resourced as possible!

You can feel calm, open, and empowered to create a joyful, easeful, nourishing family life that works with your body to maintain sustainable energy -- so you can feel your best, show up in the ways you want to in your work and relationships, create a life you love living, and, by embodying your radiant Essence, help co-create a world in which we all can Thrive.

Thriving Mama Circle offers effective, simple, compassionate body-centered practices, emotional skills, and both inner & outer resources to help you come back to your Center, so you can find the Inner Clarity you need to gently shift yourself, your relationships, and the Emotional Ecosystem of your family life toward truly Thriving -- with Ease, Joy, Sustainable Vitality, Emotional Resilience, and Trust in your own ability to find the best next step to take in any given moment.

Become a Founding Member!

To support as many families as possible during these times of change and uncertainty, this community is available at the Founding Member rate of just $18/month, or $180/year -- a price you'll keep for the lifetime of your membership!

We are dedicated to supporting ALL parents in thriving, and invite those in the BBIPOC & LGBTQ+ communities, as well as anyone receiving Medicaid or living in a country with a low USD exchange rate, to join us on a half-scholarship.

To those who can comfortably pay full-price, THANK YOU for supporting our commitment to equitable access!

(If you wish to fund more scholarships, or gift a membership to a loved one, please email [email protected] )

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Do you want to:

  • feel strong, clear & confident in who you are, & make choices for your family that are aligned with your own Inner Wisdom?
  • stop reacting so strongly to triggers, so you can respond more consciously -- to your partner, kids, & the state of the world? 
  • have practical skills to work effectively with both physical discomfort & any challenging emotions that arise?
  • know how to "fill your cup" quickly -- even when you have minimal time for self-care?
  • heal & transform old patterns of pain, stress, or trauma held in your nervous system, so you're free to be the mom & person you want to be?

ALL of those desires require becoming more deeply aware of your body & Core Essence first! 

To establish a sustainable sense of safety, trust, resource, and empowerment -- especially when experiencing a LOT of changes & uncertainty! -- we have to become aware of (and get deeply comfortable working with) what's happening in our own bodies. 

The practices shared in our Circle are designed to help you:
  • connect deeply with your embodied Core Essence, so you feel at home in yourself, no matter what arises
  • make Core Connections with others from that Power Center Within
  • soothe & regulate your nervous system
  • notice the signals your body's giving you
  • and have practical, efficient ways to work with your body and emotions (& with those of your family!), so that you can meet any situation with greater Ease, Grace, Clarity, Curiosity, and Trust in your own Inner Wisdom.
These skills will serve you well, now and for the rest of your life, whether you:
  • want a healthy, empowering pregnancy, birth & postpartum amidst this pandemic
  • are struggling to co-parent harmoniously
  • need more energy to manage daily challenges
  • want to model emotional resilience for your kids
  • are anxiously seeking clarity about changes at work, school, or home
  • want to resolve lingering trauma-based patterns, or emotional or hormonal imbalances
  • crave deeper connection with yourself and others
  • want to make a difference in the world, while being the best mom you can be
  • or simply want to keep evolving to live with the radiance of your Authentic Self!
Join us as a Founding Member today!

Equitable Access Community Membership


Equity Half-Scholarship

  • For members of the BBIPOC & LGBTQ+ communities (as well as anyone on Medicaid or living in a country with a low USD exchange rate), to support equitable access to these empowering resources 
  • All the benefits of the regular Community Membership
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Community Membership Founding Member Rate


Most Popular

  • Monthly Masterclass, group coaching, & live Q&A calls (+ recordings)
  • Sacred Embodiment Practice library: videos, audios, & journal prompt PDFs, to enjoy at your own pace -- at your fingertips in the Kajabi App!
  • Private Facebook group 
  • Optional: deepen your support and transformation by pairing with another Mama in a Listening &/or Practice Partnership 
  • Help shape the content of this membership, based on your interests and most pressing needs
  • Maintain this price for the duration of your membership, even after prices go up for new members!

Private Coaching + Community Membership


Individualized Support

  • Monthly 50-minute private coaching or healing session with Jem (normally a $120 value!) -- ideal for addressing trauma or specific health concerns
  • Discounted rates for additional private session packages, for yourself or family members 
  • All the benefits of the regular Community Membership
  • Switch to a standard membership any time before your next renewal

How much time does this take?

That's up to you! Family life can be full; this isn't meant to be one more thing on the to-do list, but a valuable resource to turn to when you need to learn some new skills, or to have a reset or mini-retreat with an extra dose of compassionate, nourishing self-care. 

The idea is to take at least 30 minutes each week to learn some new skills or to gain some insight (as gradually or quickly as you like!), so that you can use those skills and insight in your daily life -- which doesn't have to take long at all! Pick what you like, for what you need in the moment.

Most practices are shared in short videos, and once learned, they can be utilized to help reset your nervous system & re-fill your cup -- even in those random moments at traffic lights, or while your kid is in the bathroom, or when you walk around to the driver's side after buckling them in.

Changing our energy in those small moments adds up to massive shifts over the whole day -- and the more consistently we use these practices, the more momentum we gain to Thrive in our lives!

There are also longer practices (especially audio meditations to do in the evening), valuable masterclasses, and longer self-reflection exercises to help you access the deeper levels of who you are, what you want to feel, do, Be, and stand for in your life, and how to take the next steps toward thriving in your Core Essence. You get to choose how deep to go!

What's included?

In addition to Monthly Masterclasses with guest experts on a variety of topics (which you get to help choose!), the primary modalities shared are based in Jem's years of experience with Daoist integrative medicine for women's health, embodied awareness & movement practices, trauma-healing techniques, nervous system regulation, conscious parenting, compassionate communication, relationship dynamics based on the Chinese Five Elements, Alchemical Life Coaching, and Feminine Power Facilitation.

Embodiment Practices


Qigong ("chi kung" or "energy skill") ~ Daoist/Chinese physical exercises that bring together breath, movement & intention for specific healing purposes (including for common challenges in pregnancy, postpartum, & peri-menopause), and generally to clear stagnant energy & cultivate radiant vitality

Self-massage, acupressure, & Daoist self-healing techniques ~ to soothe the nervous system, improve energy (qi) flow, & address specific maternal health concerns, as well as to provide home health support for the whole family

Meditation & Breathwork


Breathwork ~ simple breathing practices specifically to soothe & strengthen the nervous system, shift physiological responses to emotional triggers, nourish a healthy pregnancy & postpartum, & to quickly increase energy, Presence, & vitality in all stages of parenting -- ideal because they're accessible anytime, anywhere, and quickly effective

Daoist meditation, visualization, & healing sounds ~ simple, powerful techniques to shift energy quickly, tap into your innate Inner Wisdom, compost what no longer serves you, & actively cultivate self-compassion, embodied love & Inner Radiance

Self-Reflection Exercises


Feminine Power Transformational Exercises ~ group coaching practices & writing prompts to acknowledge and change old stories & limiting beliefs, create new empowering beliefs, find clarity about your next step, magnetize practical support along your Destiny Pathway, & uplift each other in mutually supportive community

Chinese Five Elements ~ using this natural system to better understand ourselves & others, so we can find creative, harmonious ways to be in family life together, living aligned with our Core Essence & honoring our family members in their Core Essence


Who is Jem?

Hi, I'm glad you're here!

I know what it's like to go from feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted as a parent, to be joyfully thriving! Hence my desire to share these transformative tools, especially in these changing times, when most families are under significant stress.

As a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, Healing Tao Instructor, Alchemical Life Coach, and Sacred Feminine Embodiment Facilitator, with extra training in multiple functional medicine modalities to specialize in women's health and trauma healing, I have an abundance of empowering resources to share!

I'm also the mom of a wonderful, "spirited," mama-centric, high-energy 6-year-old, and I went through plenty of challenges in my birth and postpartum experience with my rainbow boy. (Read that birth story here.) I didn't think I liked parenting, but as I took better care of myself -- and made some major changes -- I've fallen in love with my family life in ways I didn't think were possible! And, I now have a daughter due in October 2020, and am already having a vastly better experience of pregnancy than I had the first time around, since I feel so much more at home in my body, and have many more tools available to re-center myself amidst these uncertain times.

For a little more background, I started off as the daughter of a single-mum-by-choice, raised with plenty of outdoor adventures in Alaska... as well as with various periods of sexual abuse by family "friends" -- some of which came up for deeper processing after my first birth. (Did you know that postpartum PTSD is A Thing? I didn't. And doing deeper trauma healing made such a difference!)

I also started practicing Tai Chi at the age of 11, for an hour every morning for 6 years, which eventually fed into my life passion for Daoist medicine. (Read more about that here.)

As a mom myself, I've navigated pregnancy loss, postpartum PTSD/anxiety/depression, miserable pelvic pain, naturally resolving thyroid havoc & sleep challenges, world travel with a young child with allergies (& a partner with a vision disability), breastfeeding for almost 4 years (with more to come!), solo-parenting isolated on a mountain, finding chosen community, gradual spousal separation with creative living arrangements, divorce, helping my child through Lyme disease & major family transitions, financial challenges, healing ancestral trauma (which immediately benefitted my son as well), transitioning from being a stay-at-home mom to re-starting my own business, sharing custody with my ex, and finally, moving in with my amazing current life partner -- with whom I'm now very happily homeschooling my son and expecting our daughter in October 2020! Along the way, I did a ton of research, experimented a lot, and found some amazing resources & practices to support our family's well-being and my own deep healing through very uncomfortable circumstances.

All of that helped bring me to a place of Thriving Now, embodying Love in our family's We-Space, in ways I never knew were possible! Hence my desire to share these empowering practices with others. It's truly amazing how much better I feel in this pregnancy and iteration of family life than I felt before -- physically, emotionally, and spiritually, even amidst global uncertainty and personal changes.

I believe in each of our Infinite Potential for healing and transformation, and am honored to support others on their unique journey, to find the path that works best for them -- without judgement, with an abundance of compassion, helping them come back to their own True Essence, with the vitality, resilience, and mutually supportive relationships and practices they need to thrive.

And, I'm always learning, and happy to collaborate with other parents, experts, and specialists to address the concerns and needs of our Circle members! As a Founding Member, you get to play a larger part in that, by sharing your challenges where you are now, so we can bring more Resources into our Circle, for All of our benefit.

Finally, I'm devoted to eradicating the stigma and shame of sexual trauma and health challenges, as well as to helping mothers of all backgrounds tend to their own nervous systems, to cultivate Core Connections within themselves and with others, so they can thrive in their True Essence -- and so we can come together in our Wholeness to birth a more peaceful, equitable, compassionate, mutually supportive world in which we All can thrive.

Join us!

Why are these practices more relevant than ever in our changing world?

Read more about how the practices in Thriving Mama Circle can help us be the change we wish to see in the world. 

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Curious about private sessions with Jem?

Jem is available for a variety of virtual & in-person health consultations, alchemical life coaching & healing sessions, to address your unique needs at any point along your journey.

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Working on healing deeper layers of trauma -- personal or ancestral? 

Jem's Thriving Beyond Trauma course offers even more specific resources for healing trauma held in the body. Currently on sale, to support collective healing!

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