Deep Clearing Treatments

Alchemizing trauma held in the body

Powerful acupuncture sessions to clear out long-standing, subconscious, trauma-related patterns on all emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental levels

"I want my life back!"

If you've said that recently (to yourself or to a loved one, probably tearfully), these treatments are likely an excellent place for us to begin our work together!

Heart Block Treatment

The Internal Dragons Treatment, also called the Heart Block Treatment, is indicated by a feeling that you can’t access your heart. Often, if someone feels they can’t access their Heart, they are aware of a moment in time that particular block happened, and can articulate "I haven't felt like myself since ___". Other times, it's been so long that they've forgotten what it's even like to access their Heart fully! 

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Will Block Treatment

The External Dragons Treatment, also called the Will Block Treatment, is less commonly needed, and is usually related to: a traumatic accident (especially involving a back injury); overexposure to elemental extremes; being in an overbearing relationship, or having grown up with an extremely overbearing parent who blocked you from expressing your Will.

This treatment may also be indicated in overcoming addictions or obsessions.

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Ghost Points Treatment

The Ghost Points are a map of the body, the points where an outside energy enters and connects itself like a hook, to your energetic body. These long treatments offer an opportunity to clear the unhelpful hooks out of our bodies, by the same path they took to arrive. These treatments can last from 3 to 6 hours and require a phone consultation to decide if this is the right healing path for you at this time.

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Deep and lasting transformation

If you've been working long and hard to resolve the root issue of an illness, mysterious constellation of symptoms, energetic disharmony, emotional challenge, traumatic experience, or pain, and you've been doing "all the right things" but not seeing any lasting results, this indicates the likelihood of a Treatment Block -- in other words, something is preventing your body-mind-spirit from recognizing a good suggestion when it hears one! These treatments are designed to clear those underlying blocks, which can then open up the potential for deep, lasting healing and transformation. Sometimes just one of these treatments will be profoundly life-changing; other times, several of them are necessary to clear multiple blocks, so your energy can flow appropriately in all your organ systems, and you can return to your True Qi.

"A treatment block is anything that prevents your body-mind-spirit from recognizing a good suggestion when it hears one." ~ Thea Elijah

Transforming Trauma

In the Daoist practices, we learn to take in all sorts of energies and transform them. Any external substance, experience, or internal emotion can be transformed with the appropriate cultivation, clear intention, and skill. "Gong" translates as "skill" -- the practices of Qi Gong, meditation, and internal Alchemy (Nei Gong, or Inner Skill) all deepen our awareness of our inner world, so that we can become more skillful at transforming what we find there. With this work, we learn to tap into the painful places, so that instead of that energy holding back our creative life force and maintaining dysfunctional patterns, we learn new ways to let it transform what’s stuck and painful, so that it can actually give us more energy -- we can be fully in our power and our strength.

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