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Letting go of what haunts us

Autumnal blessings, dear ones!

Deepening into the colder part of autumn allows us to reflect on what we’re harvesting from this year, with gratitude for the gifts and lessons — as well as to notice if any unnecessary energies are lingering or “haunting” us… and if we’re ready to let them go!

When we embrace a practice of Pausing to Appreciate what we've experienced and received, and how that has nourished us, we can better clarify what has served its purpose and what’s ready to be composted!

 I invite you to pause and notice:

What dreams have come true?

Which efforts have brought an abundant harvest?

 Soak that in, and enjoy a few moments to fully appreciate those gifts! 

What has served its purpose and is ready to be released, so its compost can nourish your next new beginnings?

Is there any energy, idea, memory, story, or belief that’s lingering, perhaps even “haunting” you, that feels harder to let...

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Thriving in Uncertain Times: Key Practices Supporting our Family's Well-Being during the Pandemic

family self-care wellness May 12, 2020

Within the limitations of quarantine, my partner and I have been asking these questions:

What can we experiment with in these uncertain times?

What IS working well?

If something isn’t working, what’s an alternative to try?

We've become all the more observant and appreciative of what IS working in these unusual circumstances — and, more curious and creative about how to meet various needs, individually, as a family, and as part of a larger community.

These are some things that continue to work well for us -- important before, but even more essential now:


  Mindful Media Consumption

This is possibly the most important thing for me, without which I have to work twice as hard to recalibrate!

For me, mindful media consumption means:

~ Choosing to find sources of information that feel balanced, encouraging, thoughtful, compassionate, and not inflammatory… easier said than done these days!

~ Noticing how it feels...

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Bringing our Parts into Right Relationship with our Essential Wholeness

Have you ever felt like you have an internal menagerie of parts of yourself -- with so many competing voices that it's hard to discern which part to listen to? 

You're not alone -- and it actually makes sense, according to multiple psychological and spiritual traditions, including the Daoist practices that are the foundations of my work.

In a noisy world, it can be difficult to tune into which voices to listen to, both internally and externally. And the better acquainted we get with all of our inner voices — so we can clearly hear the voice of our True Essence — the easier it becomes to navigate external input, with that foundation of inner clarity and congruence.

But how to do that?

One of my students recently asked if my work is based on Internal Family Systems, or if IFS just has a natural overlap with the Daoist practices and Feminine Power principles I teach. (The latter!)

If you haven't heard of Internal Family Systems before, the below...

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