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Letting go of what haunts us

Autumnal blessings, dear ones!

Deepening into the colder part of autumn allows us to reflect on what we’re harvesting from this year, with gratitude for the gifts and lessons — as well as to notice if any unnecessary energies are lingering or “haunting” us… and if we’re ready to let them go!

When we embrace a practice of Pausing to Appreciate what we've experienced and received, and how that has nourished us, we can better clarify what has served its purpose and what’s ready to be composted!

 I invite you to pause and notice:

What dreams have come true?

Which efforts have brought an abundant harvest?

 Soak that in, and enjoy a few moments to fully appreciate those gifts! 

What has served its purpose and is ready to be released, so its compost can nourish your next new beginnings?

Is there any energy, idea, memory, story, or belief that’s lingering, perhaps even “haunting” you, that feels harder to let...

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Loving the Sacred Womb Space: Healing Presence Practice

Experiencing menstrual pain, irregularity, excessive bleeding, infertility, menopausal symptoms, or other mysterious gynecological and/or emotional challenges?

While hormones or other physical conditions can offer one level of explanation of the above symptoms, the Daoist medical paradigm can offer more depth, compassion, and understanding of the natural energy flow in our bodies. Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Qi Gong, body-centered meditation, and Daoist sacred sensual embodiment practices (all tailored to the individual's unique constitution and experiences) are not only incredibly effective at resolving physical symptoms, but they also provide a powerful framework to come into deeper healing, self-awareness, spiritual evolution, and physical vitality.

Time and again, my students and clients breathe a sigh of relief when we talk about how Chinese medicine makes sense of their constellation of symptoms and health history -- it's so powerful to feel understood, and...

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