Acupuncture House Calls

Holistic in-home health care in Asheville NC 

House calls are ideal during this pandemic, minimizing your exposure to shared spaces.  Jem will arrive freshly clean, and will wear a mask and follow all hygiene precautions for the duration of your session.

Now offering Gift Certificates! 

Give the gift of natural, effective, compassionate healthcare!

Jem specializes in trauma-healing, stress relief, women's health (including pregnancy, postpartum, and menopausal care), compassionate support amidst life transitions, and emotional balance & physical wellness for the whole family -- infants, children, and adults!

House calls are an especially nourishing pregnancy or postpartum gift!

Gift certificates may also be used for in-office appointments or virtual sessions.

Individual (75 minutes)
Couple (90 minutes)
Family of 3 - 4 (120 minutes)
Household of 4 - 6 (150 minutes)

30% off House Call Gift Certificates!

Enter code STAYHOME at checkout -- offer valid until September 1, 2020.

$100 ~75 Minutes: Individual ($144 value)

$123 ~ 90 minutes: Couple, or Individual with extra bodywork ($175 value)

$140 ~ 120 minutes: Family of 3-4, or Couple's Session with extra bodywork ($200 value)

$175 ~ 150 minutes: Household of 4-6, or 2-3 with extra bodywork ($250 value)

*Household members need NOT be related -- if you have space, invite your quarantine pod members over for a nourishing Community Acupuncture Party!

We typically allow an extra 15-20 minutes for each additional adult, and an extra 10-15 minutes for each additional child. Prices quoted above apply to multiple household members receiving treatments during the same house call. 

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"Jem is the ultimate healer. She combines a profound wisdom of this ancient way of looking at the whole being with a deeply intuitive and well-rounded understanding of her clients. Healing has never felt so encouraging, empowering, and co-creative, as it does with Jem and Nourishing Alchemy.

Besides all of this, it is wildly evident that Jem lives her Alchemy. This makes who she is as a Practitioner not only relatable, it evokes tremendous trust in the process."

~ Becky Boisvert, client since 2017

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I had been struggling to get over a stomach bug in late pregnancy that was lingering for way too long. I made the smart decision to receive acupuncture from Jem Minor in the comfort of my own bed yesterday, and I have to share how potent her work was for me!

I'll start with a confession that I actually usually don't really enjoy getting needled.
Working with Jem was a completely different experience. She uses very small needles that don't cause any pain at all. I could feel them just enough to feel them nudging my own energy body to shift in a pleasurable way. She stayed there during the treatment, deepening and expanding it with energy healing.

It's been a long time since I've walked away from a session with anyone feeling like the light was literally turned back on in my body. I feel like myself again. My "rebellious chi" of heartburn and vomiting and nausea have finally calmed down. I feel like I can enter into the birth process now with much more trust and love!

~ Emily Sullivan, February 2020 

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Acupuncture for all ages and stages of life!

Babies only need to keep needles in for a few seconds to a minute, to improve digestion and reduce fussiness. Typically, I'll put needles in while a parent holds, or even feeds the baby, and will sing them a gentle song. (Efficacy of acupuncture for colic is based on double-blind, placebo studies!)

Kids usually keep needles in for as many minutes as they are years old. We might needle a parent or stuffed animal first, so they see how it works. If they don't want needles, I'll do massage or other gentle techniques along affected meridians, and can show parents practices to use with their kids at home on an ongoing basis. Herbal medicine or dietary suggestions may also be prescribed.

For pregnant women, acupuncture can be a very effective way to mitigate symptoms such as morning sickness, muscle aches, heartburn, and insomnia, as well as to treat any illnesses that may arise. Acupuncture and moxa can also help to turn a breech baby and prepare for labor.

Postpartum, acupuncture can help promote milk production, heal from a challenging labor, soothe intense emotions to decrease anxiety and depression, and reset the nervous system (of mothers, as well as their partners and older kids!) to adjust to all the changes involved in having a new baby.

In menopause, acupuncture (and especially herbal medicine) can help alleviate hot flashes, excessive bleeding, insomnia, and the mood swings that sometimes accompany this change of life.

In any phase of life, acupuncture, moxa, gua sha, cupping, and herbal medicine are also very effective to alleviate a long list of health challenges, including: sleep issues, headaches, back pain, muscle aches, joint pains, digestive issues (including constipation, IBS, heartburn, gassiness, nausea), gynecological complaints (especially irregular or painful periods, infertility, hormonal mood swings and menstrual migraines), frequent UTIs, asthma, allergies, the common cold, lingering coughs, and a range of emotional and mental health challenges, such as anxiety and depression. 

Click here to schedule a free phone consultation, to discuss how Chinese medicine can help you!

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Welcome! I'm glad you're here! I'm Jem, and I'm a licensed Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Alchemical Life Strategist, Feminine Power Facilitator, Healing Tao Instructor of Internal Alchemy Meditation & Qi Gong -- and the mother of one very loving, exuberant son, with a daughter due in October 2020!

After my son was born in 2014, house calls from nourishing practitioners to support us in the delicate postpartum time made such a difference to our family's well-being. I offer house calls now to pass along that depth of support -- and my clients love not having to drive anywhere after receiving a relaxing treatment! 

I look forward to meeting and supporting you and your family.

"Wow, I feel like you just did triage and I can survive my life now. I can go back and be a dad now."

~ Anonymous Dad (amidst numerous family challenges), November 2018

"My heart is weeping with love and gratitude for this treatment -- in a lying on holy ground kind of way."

~ S.S., December 2018

"Thank you for the epic treatment. It was quite the journey! I feel much more grounded and peaceful now."

~ Anonymous Mom, October 2018

"This morning I felt like I was split open, coming apart at the seams... and now I feel like you sewed me back together again, but there's not even any trace of the stitches -- I've simply returned to Wholeness!"

~ Anonymous Client, December 2019

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