an elegant map of the body

an Elegant Map

Classical Chinese Medicine creates a Map of how all the elements work together in the body, and uses needles to navigate it. This Map makes sense of our emotions and our history, of our ancestors and our organs, and of how Qi flows through the meridians in each season and in response to different foods and experiences.

Classical Medical Acupuncture

Private Classical Medical Acupuncture sessions are 60 or 90 minutes, in Asheville, NC. This type of acupuncture is helpful for chronic and acute pain (including back pain, headaches, TMJ, arthritis, sprains, tendonitis), infections (colds, flu, bronchitis, Lyme & co-infections), digestive issues (such as GERD, IBS, constipation, parasites), gynecological issues (such as PMS, hot flashes, infertility, irregular or painful cycles, endometriosis), skin conditions (acne, eczema, herpes), allergies, asthma, mental/emotional health (depression, anxiety, insomnia, stress), and pregnancy and postpartum support for mama and baby.

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Alchemical Acupuncture

The 9 Stages of Alchemy offer a clear framework for regenerating your authentic, sacred embodiment and soul purpose, by letting go of any baggage preventing you from self-actualizing the life you're born to lead. Once you embark on the Path of Alchemy, nothing that arises is seen as pathological, but rather as a signpost of potential being activated for the next phase of your evolution. 

Each stage of Alchemy includes specific acupuncture treatments, meditations, qi gong practices, and self-reflection exercises, tailored to support you in manifesting what your heart truly wants to create in your life.

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Deep Clearing Treatments

These long treatments are helpful for clearing long-standing challenges on all emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental levels -- especially for clearing trauma-related patterns at the cellular, subconscious level. If you've "tried everything" and nothing seems to make a difference (or symptoms return over and over again), a deep clearing treatment is a good place to start! These sessions clear "treatment blocks" out of your being, so your body-mind-spirit can recognize a good suggestion when it hears one, which liberates you to make the healing progress you desire and deserve!

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Pathology as Potential

Acupuncture treats pain, helps us move through digestive problems and many other physical problems but it also helps us unravel the deeper layers. Classical Chinese Medicine also works on the deeper, emotional layers, like trauma stored in the body, to clear those experiences out of the body, sometimes before the “medical acupuncture” is going to work. Alternatively, the somatic and the psychological can also co-exist. I’ve given deep healing treatments, like a Ghost Points Treatment or Alchemy Sessions, to people who are in severe Lyme Disease, and we find their “disease process” is about their evolution. This is how Classical Chinese Medicine sees the pathology as the potential for their greatest growth.

you make sense to me

It is not uncommon for a new client to ask, “how did you make sense of my entire life, in one second?  We just spent half an hour talking about this and you connected all the dots in a way that makes sense and I don't feel like I'm lost I don't feel like I’m hopeless and crazy.” And I say,

“you’re not. You make sense to me.”

And that's such a gift, to have a map to understand a framework, and see how these pieces fit together and how the energy moves in different ways. Sometimes, I try something herbal or Acupuncture and sometimes it won't work and that's feedback. There are many other options. Everyone who has back pain is treated differently, everyone who has insomnia is treated differently, because there are as many different patterns going on in each individual as there are stars in the night sky.

Transforming Trauma

In the Daoist practices, we learn to take in all sorts of energies and transform them. Any external substance, experience, or internal emotion can be transformed with the appropriate cultivation, clear intention, and skill. "Gong" translates as "skill" -- the practices of Qi Gong, meditation, and internal Alchemy (Nei Gong, or Inner Skill) all deepen our awareness of our inner world, so that we can become more skillful at transforming what we find there. With this work, we learn to tap into the painful places, so that instead of that energy holding back our creative life force and maintaining dysfunctional patterns, we learn new ways to let it transform what’s stuck and painful, so that it can actually give us more energy -- we can be fully in our power and our strength.

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